Ideas for a Themed Bachelorette Party!

Themed parties are always a hit, but when planning a themed party please be sure to keep the bachelorette in mind. If your bachelorette is tame and timid, a risqué and rambunctious theme would probably not be something that she would enjoy. And remember, this is her night after all. But don't be afraid to try something new that she might have never tried before, you do want to make the night unforgettable. Hopefully she will never have a bachelorette party ever again!

Feel free to adopt one of the party ideas below for your bachelor party. It's always fun to add new elements or make changes to the party ideas, do not feel obligated to follow these suggestions exactly as written. Spice things up a bit!

Male Stripper Night

For the more adventurous girls, nothing says bachelorette party like a male stripper. Find a local club in Austin that features men or bring a private dancer right to your home for extra special attention. Don't be ashamed, this is a new bachelor party staple and you would be amazed how much fun all the girls really do have. Even grandma enjoys herself!

Dancing and Drinking

What better way to spend one of her last nights being single than to hit the clubs and shake her money maker? Hire the Austin Party Bus for transportation and hit every Austin club you can. Experiment with every new drink you run into, try every new dance you can learn, and encourage the bachelorette to get in one last innocent flirt. You can never go wrong with a night on the town!

Casino Night

For the lady that likes to take a risk, a casino night is a sure winner. Whether you have a basic poker game at home or if you head to the local casino and hit the roulette wheel, fun is sure to be had. For home games, have poker chips and extra decks of cards on hand, a cheat sheet listing hand rankings is always a good idea for those that aren't up on their poker game. For casino trips, plan transportation ahead of time so your group of girls does not need to worry about getting lost or driving drunk. This is supposed to be a night of fun, not a night of accidents and jail time!

Game Night

Who says you need to go out for the bachelorette party? Stay at home and mingle, play games, and enjoy ones company. There are many great free bachelorette party games that you can play that will not damage the pocket book and be loads of fun all at the same time. Choose one of the fun games that we recommend or feel free to create your own. Remember, this is your party, do whatever feels right!