Play these Games at your Austin Bachelorette Party!

No bachelorette party is complete without a few fun and embarrassing games. Give each of these popular games a try before hitting the town, you will be laughing so hard and having so much fun you might not even make it out of the door! Feel free to modify these games to fit your crowd better, add extra rules or even take rules away. The whole idea is to have a blast and get to know your new friends better. Enjoy!

I Never

This game is a classic that will bring loads of laughter, embarrassment, drunkenness, and tons of fun. We call this game "I Never." The premise is to find out which of the girls are wild and which are tame, meanwhile sharing and exposing some of your deepest secrets!

All girls must sit in a circle, a table or on the floor is fine. Going clockwise, each girl will state out loud the following statement "I never" followed by a statement that they have never done. Any of the girls that have in fact done what the announcer has "never", must drink. As you can imagine, this is a fast way to get your whole group quite toasty and share many laughs.

Here is an example: the bachelorette might say "I have never gone commando." Every girl in the circle that has in fact gone commando at some point in time must drink. You will quickly find out which of your friends are adventurous in the panty department!

If you are attempting to keep the party somewhat clean, I would suggest creating a stack of index cards with "I never" statements already on them. The caller can then choose from the stack of predefined "clean" statements.

Here are some "I never" statements to get you started, have fun ladies!

"I never..."
Went skinny-dipping
Cheated on my boyfriend
Gave a lap dance
Had sex in my parents house
Smoked marijuana
Flashed a stranger
Hit on a man over 40
Stuffed my bra

Who's Underwear?

This game is very simple but also very fun. Every guest is required to bring one pair of underwear to the party. They can bring any sort of underwear they want. Something from their own dresser, their mothers dresser, straight from the sexy lingerie store, or even a regular discount store like Kmart! All underwear are then pinned on a clothesline.

The bachelorette will then guess, pair by pair, who each item of underwear belongs to. For every one she guesses correctly, she gets to keep. Once she has gone through the whole line, other guests get their shot at winning sexy, or hilarious, underwear. With a rowdy bunch this game can get very fun and provocative, have a good time with it be wild!

Two Truths and a Lie

This is a great game if your bachelorette party is packed with girls that don't know each other yet. It's very simple and very fun.

Each lady takes her turn standing up and making three statements about themselves. Only one of the statements can be the truth, the other two statements must be a complete lie. These statements can be as nice or naughty as you wish.

You then circle the room, giving every girl a chance to guess at which of the three statements was the truth. Once every girl has made her bet, the liar then confesses switch statement was the truth. Each girl that made the correct guess will get a point. At the end of the game, the girl with the most points gets a novelty prize.

The novelty prize is just for a little something extra, the real fun in this game is learning about your new friends and laughing at the hilarious lies (and even truths) they share with you. This game will be a hit!